Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In America....

In America, a land far, far away people are hoping for change. They call it the land of opportunities. They have the world’s largest economy and the best standard of living going by all conventional economic indicators. So why do they want change. They are allowed to vote and choose leaders of their choice. The voters are by and large educated. Something we in India cannot claim and blame our bad political choices on. But eight years ago the Americans chose a man called G W Bush to be their President and Commander-in-Chief. That mistake has multiplied itself over the eight years. From the Clinton years when the economy was strong, everyone had a job and loads of national debt. They have now gone to having an economy in recession with job losses mounting every week and even more national debt. That’s why everyone wants to be in Washington on the 20th of this month to see the man they believe can bring all the good stuff back. No not Santa Claus. This man has been running around America campaigning for a change. He wants to change the way America thinks and does politics. He wants to do away with the Reagan era and usher in an era of his own which hopefully will heal the badly bruised American economy and by default the world’s economy. If you have heard or watched him speak, even read the transcripts of his speeches you would realize that there is a piece of history right here in the making. America needs, as any country would, to stand united. Historically they have always managed to churn out leaders who have rallied the nation at a time of crisis. Real crisis. Unfortunately the Monica Lewinsky scandal that rocked the Clinton administration was not a crisis enough to bring in any president better that Bush. But by some cruel twist what Bush brought upon America forced America bring out Obama. True Obama has been growing as a person for 30 sum years but there could not be a better time for his rise into politics and for him to take a seat behind the desk of the oval office. This brings to light Obamas current status as a pop and political icon. There are striking similarities between Shepard Fairey's portrait of Barack Obama and the famous Che Guevara picture that adorns t-shirts all over the world. Except Mr Obama’s portrait will hang from the National Portrait Gallery. Its selection marks Obama’s ascension to a status of cult icon. Someone who teen generations to come will know of not from text books but possibly from being a really cool poster or t-shirt print. It isn’t a jibe at Americas first black president. Che Guevara died for something he believed in and he’s on a lot of t-shirts and no one seems to be complaining.

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