Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Global Warming's Exaggerated Warning

Debating a case as un-deniable as global warming can be like walking a tightrope below which lay a few hungry tigers in waiting. On one hand to deny that Global Warming exists would mean you were in the pay of oil companies or any heavily industrialized countries that would stand to lose from a consensus that global warming was real and manmade. On the other hand protagonists of the global warming saga are accused of stopping development and trying to inhibit the growth of third-world countries that need cheap energy that many of them readily have in the form of coal and other fossil fuels. It is prohibitively expensive for the western nations to conduct what one African economist called “luxurious experimentation” in developing solar, wind and nuclear technologies. Implementing these technologies in impoverished third world countries is tantamount to developmental suicide as the prohibitively expensive costs combined with the relative unreliability of these technologies make their implementation, on a wide scale, nothing short of stupidity.

So what decides where people stand on the issue of global warming? It is the science behind the facts. Unfortunately in an issue as politicized as this with both sides standing to lose, the facts and the science behind it has all come under a dark cloud of intimidation and corruption. Each pressure group has its set of facts backed by ‘eminent’ scientists who distort charts and research to prove or disprove either side. The truth is that even the noble intentions of the scientists can be swayed by donations to their research fund or the draw of fame through media attention in making the most striking revelations. This had led to a frenzied cycle between the newly spawned breed of environmental journalists and scientists, both feeding off each other to make the most sensational headlines. The journalist knows his job depends on the scientist to come up with the most sensational headlines while the scientists knows the more publicity he gets the more fame and ‘credibility’ he will receive in the public eye and perhaps more funding for his next research into the supposed catastrophic climatic events yet to befall mankind.
Now that the world has been confounded into believing what they have been told for the last generation it is almost impossible to call for a requisitioning of the facts and the science. While two Billion people still live in unfathomable conditions due to lack of electricity delegates from governments from all over the world debate on tougher emission laws. The main argument global warming enthusiasts use is the carbon emissions released by automobiles and factories. However carbon dioxide constitutes a meager 0.054 % of our atmosphere and the largest among the ‘harmful’ greenhouse gases is water vapor that accounts for 95%. While western nations criticize their developing counterparts over emissions they gladly ignore their own countries were built on a wave of rapid industrialization. Sadly the methods that could prove or disprove the facts on whether global warming was manmade or not are heavily debated. One film by former Vice President of America Al-Gore titled ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ is an example of the west brazenly championing environmental reform without looking into their own backyard. A counter film made by British filmmaker Martin Durkin for channel 4 titled ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ challenges pre-conceived notions that environmental change is man made and is simply a natural course, which has progressed for millennia. Both these films are a must watch for anybody seeking to investigate for themselves the truth behind the greatest potential threat facing us today or perhaps the biggest swindling of billions of dollars in phony research into a phenomenon that lays far beyond our control.

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