Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'm verging on melodramatic fag here. Best be getting back to 'serious' journalism soon. Thing is, I am not proud of the work I have been doing the past few months (at the college where I am currently studying.) I thought it would be a step forward and in many ways it has. But in terms of 'inspiring' me to write it's kind of killed my imagination. You don't get inspired sitting in a white washed classroom. Inspiration comes from speaking, seeing, feeling, tasting (and yes, smoking) new things. Discovery doesn't happen on demand, in college and just for the sake of an assignment. Anything less than that doesn't get me on my toes and ,sorry, I can't being myself to do third rate work for the sake of doing it.

So till I feel like I have something to show off I'm going to use this space for what most blogs are for. Self-fulfilling ranting. Buh-bye.

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